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 To schedule your appointment, please contact my scheduler at: (210) 209-0642

Our aim is to return all calls regarding scheduling by end of business day or the next and during normal business hours of operation (8 am-5 pm, M-F), so please expect our call!. Please complete the following inquiry below to faster scheduling. (If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to your hospital nearest emergency room).

Office: (210) 606-1934                                  Fax: (855) 462-9865                                 Email:

**For New Insurance Clients: Please email the following information before your first session so that our office can verify your benefits and inform you of your out of pocket expense for services. You may provide your insurance information in the "Contact Me" box to your left. Failure to include all the following information below may result in a delay of verification of your benefits:

  • New Client's Name (first and last, as it appears on your Insurance card)
  • New Client's Date of Birth
  • New Client's Address, City, State, ZIP (where you receive your Insurance statements)
  • New Client's Phone Number (where you can be contacted to finalize your scheduling)
  • New Client's Member ID and Group Number (located on your Insurance Card)
  • If applicable, the Primary Subscriber's Name AND Date of Birth
    Employer (if benefits are funded by an employer)
  • Behavioral Health/CD Provider phone number (800# on back of card, sometimes labeled as "Behavioral Health" or "Mental Health/Substance Abuse Percertification")

 "He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their wounds." Psalm 147:3



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Most counseling sessions are generally 45-50 minutes in length. Additional time for sessions is available. (Some insurance companies have limitations affecting the length and number of sessions; check with your insurance company for such limitations). Payment for services are due at the time services are rendered. Personal checks, cash, and credit/debit cards/Flex and HSA cards (Visa or Mastercard only) may be used as payment for sessions.  

The following fees per each service provided by Stephanie A. Richards, Licensed Professional Counselor, are as follows:

o Initial Individual/Family/Couples Session: $110

o Child/Adult Individual/Family/Couples Session (In-Person, Phone, Internet) (55 minutes): $110

o Individual Phone/Internet Sessions (55 minutes; not billable by insurance): $110

o Emergency Crisis Sessions:

      Ist (up to 60 minutes): $150

      Additional 30 minutes: add $80

o Phone Consultation (non-emergency & arranged in advance): $2.00 per minute (to be billed at end of      consultation and are not reimbursed by insurance companies         

  • Requests for Documentation such as Reports, Summaries of treatment, or Requests for Letters by and to clients (not for legal purposes and must be deemed therapeutically appropriate to disclose): $25 for first twenty pages and $0.50 per page thereafter plus any postage fees required to expedite documentation requested
  • Fees for executing affidavits: $15 per affidavit

 All monies for fees for Phone Consultations, Requests for Documentation, or executing affidavits must be received before such services are provided (as per the Texas Health and Safety Code 611) 

If the counselor is involved in a legal situation on behalf of the client, the client will be responsible for paying the counselor’s legal fees prior to the counselor’s participation in such legal activities and include the following: 

Initial fee is $2000 and covers costs for up to 10 hours. This amount is due in full 24 hours before initial date counselor is requested to be in court and is non-refundable if request for such services are canceled. Any additional fees incurred ($200 per additional hour past the allotted 10 hours) will be due within 3 business days after last date of counselor’s court appearance.

 Court or expert testimony costs include all of the following and is required to be paid in full before court or expert testimony is provided:

  • Consultation costs required by the counselor to provide court or expert testimony
  • Time for Document Preparation
  • Travel time to and from court, to and from consultation meetings, etc.      
  • Time for actual court presence, whether or not testimony is being provided during that time (including wait time) 

Pay in Advance for Counseling Services

The following Insurances are accepted:                   

  • Private Pay Rates are available (for clients who do not want to risk using insurance for mental health claims)
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield/Federal BCBS/Anthem BLUE (EAP and HMO plans are not accepted)
  • Humana (EAP plans are not accepted)
  • Lifesynch
  • Out of Network reimbursement 
  • Non-network TRICARE Authorized provider (see below for details):

If you are Tricare PRIME beneficiary:

The benficiaty is responsible for a $300 point-of-service fee, and then a %50 cost share applies to each service, thereafter. The beneficiary is also responsible to call the Tricare Behavioral Health (Value Options) Dept. at 1-800-700-8646 (M-F 8am-7pm EST) and request an authorization before they receive services.

Please provide your counselor’s Provider’s information to request the authorization and write down the Authorization # to provide to your counselor. 

The beneficiary is responsible to obtain a signed Letter of Referral by their Primary Care Physician by the first few sessions for their services to be covered by Tricare. Click here to download the Letter of Referral:

If you are Tricare STANDARD beneficiary

 The beneficiary is responsible to obtain a signed Letter of Referral by their Primary Care Physician by the first few sessions for their services to be covered by Tricare. Click here to download the Letter of Referral: